We have recently updated the way our category system works.

The first new improvement is including the category in the visitor table. 

The aim is to provide you with a quick overview of the status of your latest visits. Whether that be your existing customers or a new lead that your sales team contacted the previous week. 

As a result of the above improvements, we have added an additional category filter: "UNCATEGORISED"  with this filter selected, it will only display visitors that have not had a category assigned. This provides a clean batch of visitors to take action against.

To apply this filter to your visitor table, navigate to the Visitors section of the tool. 

Within the filter section of the visitor's table, select the "any category" filter:

From here you have the option to select the "Uncategorised" option as well as any other category you have set up. 

Once you have selected the category to filter by, click the orange search button on the right-hand side:

This will then filter the list.

Adding Categories

1. Click Settings > Categories

2. Click the New Category Name Box 

3. Enter new category name and press 'Add Category'

You will now be able to add more visitors to this category and you can filter all visitors into these categories.

Deleting Categories

1. Click Settings> Categories

From here you can see assigned categories. You can also remove categories you may no longer need by clicking the Red Trash Can Icon

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