We have recently updated how the trigger conditions work. Instead of all trigger conditions having to be met to activate the trigger, you can now have it so only one of many conditions has to be validated to activate the trigger. 

As an example... let's say you wanted to create a trigger for a company that is from one of three countries - United Kingdom, United States and Germany. 

After you have named your trigger, you will need to change the "match all conditions" drop down to "match one or more conditions".

After you have selected this, it is now time to select your conditions. In this example I will add the three countries to the trigger. 

Once you have saved your trigger, a visiting company from any of these countries will now activate the trigger. The "match one or more conditions" is for all combinations of conditions.

Just remember that only one condition has to be met for the trigger to be activated. 

Happy Triggering. 

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