We have been listening to the feedback you have been giving us. A lot of customers have wanted to send email alerts to other people than the users they have in the Whoisvisiting dashboard. 

For some this may be to send email alerts to clients or for others it maybe to forward a lead from a particular part of your website to a supplier.  

Contacts are different to users, contacts are unable to log into the Whoisvisiting dashboard but you are able to select a contact to be sent a trigger alert.

To add a contact visit the user section of the Whoisvisiting dashboard.


Once on the users page, if you click the add button located on the right hand side of the contacts bar. 

A pop up will allow you to select the information for the contact you wish to add. 

Here you can specify the details of the contact you wish to add. You can update the time zone of the contact as well their format preference for CSV files. 

Once you are happy with the contact information you have supplied for your contact click "save contact"

If you then click the contacts box on the left hand side.

You will then see that your contact has been added to the contacts section. 

Now you have added a contact you can now add this contact to your trigger alerts. 

If you navigate to the trigger section of the dashboard. 


For this example I will add a contact to an existing trigger but you can add contacts to new triggers as well. 

Find the trigger you want to edit and click the edit icon on the right hand side. 

Once you have your trigger open if you click the "add a recipient box".

A drop down will open and you can then select the contact you just added.

Once you click the contact it will automatically be added to the recipients list. 

If you look at the icons on the right hand side of the name, you can see a contact has an envelope icon and a user a person icon. 

Once you have added you contact click save and your trigger is now set up to notify your contact.

If you would like this functionality added to real time notifications and scheduled reports please let us know. 

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