We have now updated the visitor dashboard to make it easier to distinguish between "new" and "returning" visitors.

 New Visitor

Returning Visitor

You can see in the returning visitor we have included the number of times that company has visited your website. 

Based on user on feedback, we have added this information in the visitor table to help you identify quicker the companies of interest. 

Some of our customers only want to focus on news visitors as they provide new sales opportunities to their business, where as others are only interested in returning as they want to mange and up sell their existing customers.

To make this process even easier you can now filter the visitor table by new or returning visitors. To do that click the filter button at the top of the visitor table. 

Scroll down to the visitor type option, you can then select new or returning visitors. 

Once you have selected the visitor type you are interested in click apply filters.

 You will then have your filtered list in your visitor table.

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