Ignoring a visitor will prevent the company from being visible within your Visitor Table - until you select otherwise.

There are many reasons why you may want to Ignore a visitor. If they are not relevant for your sales process or adding any value to the data provided.

Ignoring non-appropriate visitors will help to remove clutter from your visitor hub and allow you to operate more smoothly.

There are two ways in which you can Ignore a particular visitor.

1. Visitor Table

  • Selecting the chosen company (or companies) you want to hide. They will then highlight for you to take action.

  • Go to your Visitor Toolbar and select the eye icon.

  • Choose to Ignore.

If you want them to be discoverer-able again, simply filter your table to Include Ignored.

You can then repeat the process of above to 'Un-ignore' the company (or companies).

2. Visitor Detail

From the Visitor Detail Page of any company, you can change the status to Ignore.

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